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Original Art

This page is to show my limited pieces of original art.

A selection of my art work can be viewed from this page, as well as on my Deviant Art account, which also showcases some of my photography.

1. Fan Art
2. Original Art (this page)
3. The art process - images showing how my art progresses and changes until completion.

Original Art

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Myself - Sketch

Drawn in Apil 2006.

I was using my laptop and webcam to talk to one of my internet friends. However, the atmosphere was rather languid, so I decided to sketch what I could see as my own image via webcam in the MSN window.

For a quick sketch I have to admit I was pleased with it. Sure I left out important details like the hands, but seeing as I was using a live webcam image for reference, it seemed somewhat appropriate!



One of the most ambitious pictures I have ever attempted.

Centre image from a photograph taken in July 2003. Painting attempted in some time later. background image adapted from one found on Digital Blasphemy. I wanted to kind of superimpose the two.

It didn't turn out that great (greens are particularly bad.) I was, however, pleased with the two portraits.


Preening Faeire

This is a sketch from a 3D ornament, so while not immediatly original, it is quite far removed from the original medium.

Some features clearly show that this was from a three dimentional object, mostly the knees. I should have attempted to smooth them more.

However, as a quick 30 minute sketch, I quite like it, as it was only sketching practice.

The date is imprinted as I took the photo using my mobile phone!