My Art

From a young age I have been creative and loved art. The only formal qualification in art I have is my GSCE but since then I have carried on with my art work in my spare time. All of my GCSE art work has been lost or thrown away due to limited storage facilities, and I regret not taking any photo's of my work. I do still have all my sketchbooks though, so one day I am hoping to recreate some of my work.

These days, most of my work is fan art:

"...artwork that is based on a character, costume, item, or story that was created by someone other than the artist."

In some circles this is seen as nothing more than "copying", but fan art is very useful for experimenting with different media, as well as improving on your skills. And original art that I do create tends to be personal in nature, such as presents for friends/family, and is generally produced from life or photograph references.

A selection of my art work can be viewed from this page, as well as on my Deviant Art account, which also showcases some of my photography.

1. Fan Art (this page)
2. Original Art
3. The art process - images showing how my art progresses and changes until completion.

Fan Art

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Silent Quintet

Silent Quintet - BROM

This is my favourite piece of fan art that I have ever produced. I completed this in early 2002 and it has never undergone any re-working.

If you were looking for accuracy compared to the original (here) then I guess it would have failed spectacularly, but I like the version I produced, even if it did turn out quite differently. Still, I was working with watercolours which was a bit limiting. When I can afford to work with acrilic (my preferred medium) then I expect I could make a much, much better version. Til then, this one will suffice!!

Wit'ch Fire

Wit'ch Fire - BROM

This is one of the first Fan Art pieces I ever attempted, back in 2002. There is a lot wrong with the image, her face, arms, hands and the actual demon are very badly done. However, I was very pleased with the way the colours worked, and the background still is one of the most complex I have ever attempted. Indeed, the background underwent significant reworking and I have to say I was pleased with the result.

On the original picture (here) the demons wings extend in full. Ah, the inexperience of youth. Not planning how much paper you're going to need!

White Queen

White Queen - Julie Bell

This is quite probably the worst piece of fan art I have ever produced, though in my defence it was a difficult original piece to work from.

Everything about the colouration of this image went wrong. After I mucked her skin (which I did after all the white/lilac painting) I was so cross I just slapped on the rest of the colour and left it. With the terrible effect you see now.

However, if I was pleased with anything, it was the original drawing, as the perspective was particularly complicated, especially the hands/arms.

Lady Death

Lady Death - Julie Bell

As with the above, this picture didn't turn out very well (and that ended my fan art of Julie pretty much!).

I didn't really capture the personality seen in the original, but again I feel pleased with some aspects of it, particularly the cloak. Working with watercolours, it was impossible to get the gold effect on her jewellery (Julie is keen on metallic effects in most of her paintings) so I pretty much gave up on that. Probably should go ahead and finish that really...

Shade of Blue

Shade of Blue - BROM

Going back to BROM I became more happy with my fan art. This is much more true to the original, and I am rather proud of it. Again, my skin tones are weak, with the original pencil lines showing through unfortunatly. Still, I think I managed ti create reasonably good texture with the water colours.

Sister Charity

Sister Charity - BROM

Although I kind of like the way this one turned out, I had a lot of problems with it and it took a few years for me to actually finish it properly. Several parts were reworked, especially the brass effects, and her skin. I even had to change the height of her her right shoulder (as you look at it) a long way into the painting. Luckily, I was able to re-activate the background so it wasn't too obvious.

It could be a lot better, but I like how it turned out. (Original image here).


Purgatory - Brom

This is another one that I quite like, even though it doesn't really resemble the original too much.

The wings and background are exceptionally weak, and I am disappointed with them, but don't really want to re-work the painting. I was very pleased with the body of this demoness, except the head, which I totally mucked up, the hair in particular.

Still, I felt I did a good job with the body, both in the original shape and the shading, so yay ^_^


Guardian - BROM

This is one of the pieces I have struggled most with, undergoing a lot of re-working, and is still a Work In Progress (WIP) really. It wasn't til I started painting that I realised that the original sketch wasn't correct around the facial area.

However, in general I am happy with most of the colours, except the grey tones on the woman perhaps.