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The sidebar to the right has been simplified. The site is now organised as follows:

1. Mods and Expansions
Go here for descriptions, images and recommendations on the official DLC as well as unofficial user made content.

2. My Characters
Go here for information about my characters, including my picture diary and fan fiction.

3. Desktop Wallpaper
Go here for Oblivion screenshots taken by me, best used with resolutions up to 1280 x 1024.

Introduction to The Elderscrolls IV: Oblivion

What is Oblivion?

Oblivion is the fourth installment of The Elder Scrolls (often shortened to TES), a role-playing computer game series created by Bethesda Softworks (Bethsoft).

It is a single player open-ended style game, though the character is quickly drawn into the main quest (MQ), unless they feel otherwise inclined.

Subsequent official plug-ins and one expansion pack have since been released, as well as numerous fan made "mods", though the latter are only available for people playing on a PC.

What is the purpose of these pages?

1. To introduce people to the realm of Oblivion.
2. To detail a recommended list of mods.
3. To showcase screenshots that may be used for wallpapers.
4. To show off my characters.

Oblivion Mods

To date, Bethsoft have released one major expansion, Shivering Isles, and 9 smaller plug-ins:

(Horse Armour Pack, Orrery, Wizard's Tower, The Thieves Den, Mehrunes' Razor, The Vile Lair, Spell Tomes, Knights of the Nine, Fighter's Stronghold)

However, other mods have been created by the TES fan-base using the Construction Set, a piece of software released by Bethsoft, available as a free download from their website.

There are several comprehensive fan websites that have these mods available for download, including TES Nexus and Planet Elder Scrolls.

These mods encompass all kinds of things, from interface mods, adding quests and content, adding items, improved texture packs, body and beauty enhancing mods etc. These can sometimes be difficult to get to work together, so reading the associated ReadMe.txt files are always important.


Screenshots I have taken in the course of the game. Please pick a category from below:

1. Images maximised for use as desktop wallpapers
2. My character's Oblivion Picture Journal

This page has been created, updated and maintained by Jenny Hodgetts. All text (and images where stated) are copyrighted to me unless otherwise stated.
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