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1. Major Changes & Overhauls:

* Common Oblivion (cobl)
* Martigens Monster Mod (MMM)
* Reneers Guard Overhaul

2. Body Replacers:

* Biu Adventuress Body (BAB)
* Team Fantasy Figures (TFF)



1. Major Changes & Overhauls:

< Common Oblivion (cobl) >

OBletter Martigens Monster Mod (MMM)

What it does:

* Over 160 new and diverse creatures and NPCs added to the realm of Tamriel
* All original and new creatures/NPCs spawn unique with a different size
* All original and new creatures/NPCs spawn unique with modified stats
* All original and new creatures/NPCs spawn unique with their own combat AI
* All original and new creatures/NPCs spawn unique with their own loot
* All original and new creatures/NPCs interact with over 25 new factions
* And much much more! See below for full feature list.

This is a large and complex mod which may take some care and tinkering to get working properly. If you are new to modding you may wish to wait until you are more experienced, or have someone on-hand to help you. Saying that, installing is relatively simple, it's the load order that can be complicated.

First Impressions:

I have only been playing with this mod active for a few weeks, but first impressions were overwhelming. This mod adds so much to the game. Once you start playing with it, you will probably never be able to go back to playing without it.


The first time I played I had a quite a bit of problem with enemies being high in number and extremely tough, including facing minotaur's at level 2. The levelling problem has been fixed thanks CorePC on BGSF, and concerned load order. If you experience any problems I recommend asking for help on the mod thread within the "Oblivion Mods" forum on BGS as they can often help you fix problems.

This mod seemed to affect my load times in-game while travelling outside of towns, which can cause some rather bad stuttering affects. You might want to make sure your graphics settings are not too high and that your PC will be able to handle it. In my view, the odd stuttering is worth it.

Optional Plug-ins:

The mod comes with a huge number of optional plug-ins so that you can tailor the mod to your own preferences.

If you wish to play in an environment similar to default Oblivion, I would recommend the optional plug-ins "Spawn rates - reduced reduced" and "Durability and Damage".

If you wish to play this mod along with Fran's and Obscuro's large overhaul mods, this is possible, but may require further tweaking. I do not play with these, so cannot say how well or not these work.


An excellent mod if you get it working correctly. Adds a whole new level to the game-play that you wont want to play without. Neccessarily complex.

My rating: 4star

Bethsoft forum thread can be found here.


< Reneers Guard Overhaul >


2. Body Replacers:

OBletter Biu Adventuress Body (BAB)

"A female body replacer mod, which also modifies default Oblivion clothing and armour to fit the new body."


The female form created by BAB is very good. There is no exaggeration and is generally a pleasure to use. Additionally, there is a lot of extra content available made by the BAB team, including both clothing and armour, that is available from the BAB store in-game. There are a host of unofficial clothing mods to go with this, including Kalia and Floydian1 BAB Clothes, which adds many more items.

The mod is comes with a nudity option, which allows removable and changeable underwear. For those who prefer fixed underwear, it is attractive and doesn't cause any clipping issues.


I encountered many clipping issues with this mod, with both the default Oblivion clothes/armour as well as the BAB armour. Most were small clipping issues around the hips and shoulder blades, but there were sometimes major issues with the wrists and ankles. Some combinations of clothes/armour were un-wearable due to this. This can be worked around by only wearing full sets of clothing from one source, ie. all BAB items or all default items, though this quickly becomes irritating. The level of troubleshooting help/further work on this mod appears to be limited at this time.

If using the nudity version, significant clipping may occur with the underwear.


As a pure body mod this work is brilliant, but the clipping issues let it down a lot.

My rating: 3star


OBletter Team Fantasy Figures (TFF)

"Inspired by the artwork of Luis Royo and Frank Frazetta Fantasy Figures is a near photo realistic, voluptuous and life-like full female body mesh and texture replacer."


An excellent body mod, which also adjusts the default Oblivion clothing/armour to fit the new form. The default clothing is much better aesthetically, rather than just re-sized making this mod a pleasure to use.

A lot of work is still being put into this mod both officially (mods tagged with TFF) and unofficially (tagged UFF). This means there is a lot of help available with troubleshooting, and general questions, as well as the potential for additions.

No new clothing/armour is supplied with the mod itself (though there are many available) making this a much smaller download than BAB for example.

So far, I have had no clipping issues.


Downloading the mod in full is currently a bit of a pain, requiring separate downloads, however, these are all linked from the initial TES Nexus page.

By default, the mod contains no underwear. This may be ok for your own character, but if you routinely strip people you kill for their armour/clothes, you end up with a lot of nude corpses lying around. TFF have released an underwear mod (get it here) but it is rather ugly. I can say that it does look much better in-game than on the screen shots though.


This is a brilliant female body mod, with no real negatives.

My rating: 5star

Bethsoft forum thread can be viewed here.




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Gameplay / Visual / Realism / Practical / Misc.

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