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The smaller official plug-ins are also known as downloadable content. These can be purchased individually from the Elderscrolls website, or on the DLC retail disk: Knights of the Nine.

1. Horse Armour Pack
2. Orrery
3. Wizard's Tower
4. The Thieves Den
5. Mehrunes' Razor
6. The Vile Lair
7. Spell Tomes
8. Knights of the Nine
9. Fighter's Stronghold


1. Horse Armour Pack (link)

This simply enables you to add armour to your horse by visiting the stables outside of the Imperial City. The first set of horse armour is free, though you must pay 500g for each subsequent set.

You have a choice of elven or steel. The best looking depends on the horse you are riding, though I prefer the steel. However, the amount of protection it added wasn't particularly noticeable. May be more useful for weaker horses.

Horse Armour

At $1.99 it is one of the more expensive DLC's for the least content, but for that price I'm not sure why people get so angry - it wasn't received particularly well by the Elderscrolls Community when released. If you buy it as part of the KOTN disk, it's a nice addition.

My rating: 3.5 stars


2. Orrery (link)

If one of your Oblivion characters is a Mage, or in any way inquisitive, you may have noticed the locked and un-openable (except via the console) door to the Orrery. This DLC fixes this.

There is a slight quest involved in order for the Orrery to be repaired and useable. However, as this just involves raiding a series of bandit camps, it is by no means difficult.

Once the Orrery is up and running, it can grant you lesser powers depending on the lunar cycle.

As the Orrery as little in terms of gameplay, the design and execution is brilliant. When I first entered the room I joined my character by looking around amazed!

Imperial Orrey

The above picture doesn't really do it justice. Again, I'm not sure if I would download this separately, but it is a very nice addition to the KOTN retail disk.

My rating: 4/5 stars


3. Wizard's Tower (link)

Also known as Frostcrag Spire, this is by far my favourite DLC. Adding a tower to the Jerrel mountains, this is an ideal retreat for any mage character, or even characters with slight mage abilities.

Frostcrag Spire

As well as being a beautiful construction, the tower is useful in many ways:

1. Botanical Garden: Features many plants and herbs, including some that only grow around Oblivion Gates. This is particularly useful if you have not started, or have already finished, the MQ.

2. Teleportation plates: If you don't like to overuse fast travel, but want to get to a city in a hurry from your tower, you can. The tower provides teleportation to every mage's guild. Unfortunately, it does not give you the ability to teleport back.

3. Enchanting and Spellmaking alters: Very useful, saving a visit to the Imperial City, and doubly useful if you are not a member of the guild and therefore otherwise denied this.

4. Laboratory: Buffs your alchemy skill.

While these are all excellent features, and there are other minor ones, if you are playing on the PC I would strongly recommend that you try out the Frostcrag Reborn mod. This turns an already excellent DLC into an amazing experience.

My rating: 5/5 stars


4. The Thieves Den (link)
5. Mehrunes' Razor
6. The Vile Lair

7. Spell Tomes

This adds new spell books to the realm that can be looted from NPC’s as well as found in chests etc. The drop rate for these books is fairly well balanced, however, I have never yet been impressed with the spell contained within. Though many of the spells are different to those found within vanilla Oblivion, I often already had a better spell. I really wouldn’t bother to buy this one separately.


8. Knights of the Nine

This is the largest DLC made by Bethesda, and involves a long new quest line about the Knights of the Nine. As I have yet to make proper progress into this DLC I only have a few comments to make from my initial impressions. Unfortunately, most of them are negative:

1. As soon as you activate this mod the Anvil chapel becomes useless. This is very annoying as the closest church then becomes Skingrad, which is a fair jaunt away.

2. The first quest to get the whole line going is extremely tedious. It’s hard to stop yourself fast travelling!

3. Seems to be restricted to good, lawful characters – though this may be a good feature depending how much you are into role-playing.

4. You do acquire a new set of wearable armour.

9. Fighters Stronghold