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Leah's Oblivion Picture Journal

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Preparing for the arena

10. The Arena

Deciding that her fighting skills are considerable out of practice, with the additional problem of having to deal with sub-par equipment on top of that, Leah decided to investigate the arena.

Ignoring the overly keen boy outside trying to get her to bet on the outcome of the current fight (seriously, as if they aren't rigged!) she ducks inside. It's pretty much as she expected. A couple of fighters who are still alive, training. She is surprised to see that the opposing sides train together, however. She imagines having to cut down a friend for a moment...

...shaking her head, she banishes the thought, and heads over to the trainer. After being insulted which she took stoically, Leah gets ready for her first battle. It appears that she has been assigned to the blue team.

Tension rises before the gates of the arena, all she can hear is the baying of the crowd. However, death, when it comes, comes quickly. At least to her opponent. Crouching over her nameless opponent, Leah feels sudden sympathy. Was her victim her for the pleasure? The money? She'll never know now. Rising from her battle crouch, Leah turns her back on the young girl and the scattered weapons and heads back to the training area underneath the area. The cheering of the crowd unheard...

Collecting her money from Owyn, Leah decides she has had enough of the imperial city for the moment. After stocking up on supplies she heads toward the West gate.


11. Pondering

By the time Leah finishing buying up supplies and gets out of the city, night has fallen. As she walks slowly across the great bridge, she steps up onto the precipice. She gazes over the water, looking but not seeing, her thoughts still on the dead girl.

Arms folded, she doesn't realise how long she stands there. Eventually she comes to, and sets off into the night, not having come to any resolution.


12. The Inn

Not far from the city, but far enough to hide it from view, Leah stumbles across a small inn. Not wishing to be left with her thoughts in the dark, she opens the door warily, and is met by a glowing and warm interior.

As she is buying a drink and surveying the room, she half heartily agrees with what the bar-woman is saying without really listening. Before she realises, she has agreed that better wine is worth the danger, and signed herself up for a wine hunting trip! Annoyed with herself, she heads over to a table in the corner. Going back over the conversation in her head, Leah realises that it isn't too bad, the wine is likely to be in ruins she'll come across in her travels. Sighing, she fends off conversation from a dour local before heading to her bed, and passing into an uneasy sleep.

Weynon Priory

13. Delivering the Amulet

The following morning dawned bright and clear. Fresh in mind, and resolved to undertake the task the emperor gave her in his last moments, she begins the long walk to Weynon Priory. After asking in the inn, Leah knew it lay somewhere near the city of Chorrol. Luckily, the major roads were well signposted, and she didn't have to stop to ask directions.

Trudging along, Leah wearily inspects the bottom of her boots. The sole is wearing thin and she feels every step. With resignation she pulls herself up onto a bolder hoping to get a view of the surrounding countryside. It is with surprise that she sees the sprawling wooden building in front of her.

Leah crosses her arms. Sure, it's called a priory, but this is not where she expected the grandmaster of the blades to live. Heading inside, a couple of monks look up questioningly, and then direct her upstairs to Jauffrey. Another monk, seemingly. Taking a deep breath, she explains who she is and where she has come from. He seems disinclined to believe her at first, but when she produces the amulet, his doubt evaporates.

Her duty discharged, Leah is making ready to leave when Jauffrey stops her with a bombshell. He wants her to find Martin, the emperors heir! She sinks her head behind her hand as her mind reels.