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Leah's Oblivion Picture Journal

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1. Awakening

Leah wakes up in her cell completely disorientated. She's young for a Dark Elf, just 70 years of age, and most of those were spent in innocence in her homeland. All she remembers is entering an inn at the Imperial City, and someone making a fuss when she didn't want to go upstairs with him. She may have been young, but she knew how to take care of herself.

It was with dismay that Leah realised her weapons, armour and clothes had been taken from her. They weren't flashy, but sturdy and well made. Her bow had been a gift from her mother. Shaking her head in an attempt to clear the grogginess, she becomes aware of a shrill male voice...maybe that's the source of her headache...


2. Visitors

Trying to ignore the taunting of the elf in the opposite cell, Leah doesn't hear the approach of the guards until they are almost at her cell. Squinting against the glare of the torch light she moves to see what is going on, only to be forced into the back of her cell...

...the emperor himself is at her cell to escape assassins! In awe, and seeing no other way to escape her cell Leah follows them, but was soon split from their party by the emperors guards, who didn't trust her.


3. Exploration

Left to her own devices and separated from the emperor, Leah explores the caves and equips herself with rusting armour. It isn't what she is used to, but she soon gets over her initial distaste. Rats and goblins had long ago begun to make the caves their home, and anything that helped beat them aside, and protect her from their diseased claws was not something to be ignored.

After trawling through the caves for what seems like hours, Leah finds a crack in the stonework leading back into the sewers. It is with surprise that she sees the Emperor and his guards beneath her - evidently there wasn't a more direct route that she had missed.

The guards still distrust her, but another sword to protect the emperor is welcome.


4. Assassin

Initially, the going remains easy, however, when a bunch of mythic dawn agents suddenly appear, you and the emperor are left in a small room while Baurus and Glenroy charge into battle.

Whilst the guards are trying to protect the emperor from the Mythic Dawn agents, the emperor tells Leah of himself and his wishes. This proves to be timely, as an assassin bursts from the walls directly behind the emperor - the is nothing Leah can do.


5. Murdered!

The emperor, Uriel Septim has been murdered before her very eyes. All Leah can think of are his last words: Of his son, Martin, and the Amulet of Kings.

Baurus comes back from finishing of the remaining Mythic Dawn agents to find her crouched over the body of the one he was sworn to protect.


6. Escape

Leah braces herself incase they suspect her of treachery, but through their grief they accept that she was innocent, and had even risked her own life to protect him.

Given directions by Baurus and Glenroy, Leah progresses through the sewers until eventually, the end is in sight.


7. Emergence

Creeping out of the ancient ruin, Leah was exhausted. Scanning the area, she looked for a suitable place to rest and repair her armour.

A camp made just outside the ruin on the small island across from the sewer exit looked ideal. Leah swam across carefully to see whether it was inhabited.


8. Hunting

A few rogue bandits were present. They offered plenty of practice. It took some getting used to the poor quality of the draw.

Shooting the bandits, she tried not to think of Uriel Septim lying on the cold stone of the sewers.


9. Vilverin

Curious of the Ayleid Ruin, Leah decides to investigate, even though she felt the area might be trapped. Still, anything that picked off the unscrupulous bandits was good, as far as she was concerned.

Upon leaving the ruin, Leah decided it was time to head back to the imperial city. Maybe its streets would be fairer to look upon than the dungeon...