Born on the 6th of Frostfall to noble parents, Leah grew up in Vivic, Morrowind, with her every need catered for. Her parents took good care of her, but never showed her much love. Their own relationship had been one of convienience, and though they were friends, there was no love. More...a mutual respect.

Leah's life should have been sheltered. Her nailes should have been well manicured, her hair suitably dressed. It was not. her sholarly parents had never much cared for a nursemaid, and so their daughter was often left to entertain herself. Though Leah had a very promising talent in magic, there was nothing she could train inside the house beside rudimentary illusion and mysticism spells, and besides, he parents would have forbade anything else, especially since her accident with the fireball. Her parents had come home at a bad time, when the curtains were still smouldering. Leah had cringed inwardly when their faces had beheld the damage. Now she was forbidden to practice inside the house, but neither could she travel to the practice ranges in town. Life became very dull.

Since she was not supposed to leave the manor without a chaperone, leah had to resort to subtefuge to escape her prison. In the day she was a dutiful daughter, studying in the library. When night feel, leah would stealthy exit the manor, picking locks, and sneaking past the manor guards. In the night, Leah felt free, her senses alive.

Her skills and expertise blossomed throughout her teenage years. The forest was Leah's haven, along with other youths disasstisfied with their lot. Additionally, the undesirables of the city also populated the city. The were initially wary of these gentry, but their gifts of food and jewellery soon persuaded them to help them train, and over time, a comradship build between both sides. From these people Leah learnt how to spar, both with a blade, and barehanded. She learnt how to hunt, and how to survive in the wilderness. These were the happiest times of her childhood. It was not to last.

On the morning of her 18th birthday, Leah's parents appraoched her whilst she was prattling around the kitchen. Suprised, for her parents usually left the house at the crack of dawn, Leah sat in the chair indicated by her father. She wasn't ready for the bombshell they dropped. She was to be married. In 6 weeks. To someone she didn't even know. Dumbstuck, Leah had stared at her parents as they explained their plans, and how it was neccessary for them to expand their holdings in other parts of Morrowind. Her parents, having a busy schedule, took her silence for aquiecence, nodded and left.

Leah's shock evaporated slowly. Her hands clenched. She would not be dictated to. She would not marry for convienience. Walking stiff backed to her room, she packed a small bag. Unable to leave in the day witho0ut being questioned by the guards, she bided her time, and made her plans. In the vening, she made small talk with her parents and dinner, and retired early. Her parents, not noticing her well concealed anger and distress paid little attention to it.

When night fell, Leah made her escape. It was easy. Too easy, she felt little satisfaction. Knowing she would have to be long gone before dawn, Leah didn't detour to the clearing in the forest. She didn't have time, and her comrades were not important.

Walking west, Leah left her life behind.

For two years Leah travelled her native Morrowing, looking for something to till the gap in her life she couldn't explain. She paid her way working in various inn's, or by selling the pelts of wild animals she had trapped and eaten. Her way of life had been turned upside down, but Leah relished it. More than once she had met up with rogue groups of bandits. Most, she was able to impress and charm. Her beauty was not longer pristine and pampered, but rough and unkempt. With her hair gathered at the nape, her eyes gleaming she resmebeled a warrier queen of old. These tribes she adopted for a while, learning more skills in thievery and woodcraft. Those who wanted her belongings, and fancied the pretty maid for themselves, she killed. She would not murder innocent travellers, but if it was needed, she could defend herself.

Eventually, Leah became tired of her restless wanderings, she wanted to settle down. She still had an emptyness, and longed to learn the forbidden magic, of which she had been able to learn little in her wanderings, but she was tired of it all. Remembering a small village she had felt welcome in, she made her solitary journey back.

Three years later, Leah was travelling again. The calling of magic was undeniable, and Leah had finally realised where she needed to go. The Arcane University. However, if it hadn't been for a great personal tragedy, Leah might never have left the village she had made her home.

[She had been out hunting the trap lines when she felt te first scent of smoke in the air. It was feint, and she ignored it. It was only when the wildlife around her exploded, all headed in the same direction that she realised what had happened. Forest fire. Leah tensed, the smoke was drifitng towards her, she should move, and quickly, downwind. But the village was upwind. In the direct path of the flames. Dropping her equipment, Leah sprinted toward the village, her own safety ignored. A mile from the settlement, the smoke was unbearable, stinging her eyes and throat. Her body wracked with coughing, she threw herself into the leaf litter where the smoke was thinner. Covering her nose and moth with a strip torn from her cloak she continued on, but now she could hear the crackle of the flames, but from her flanks, not in front of her. Leah frowned, but hope surged, the village may well have been lucky. It wasn't until she found herself on the bluff overlooking the village that she realised she had become disorientated in the smoke. However, thoughts of her own safety vanished when she realised the plight of the village. Build around the base of the bluff that was now her vantage point, there was only limited accessibility from the forst. And that forest was burning. There was nothing she could do. Eyes streaming from the smoke, Leah could only watch in horror, as the first of the out lying huts caught fire. The villagers she assumed were pressed against the bluff beneath her, but they didn't have the protect the small area from the advancing flames. The wooden huts caught quickly, and the wind helped the flames jump from buidling to building. Soon, the screaming began. Leah knew she should move, she couldn't save them, but she could save herself. If it hadn't been for the screams she might have never moved in time, but eventually she could bear it no longer, and she didn't want to hear the voice of her beloved Drathyn join them. Numb, and shuddering, leah dragged herself away from the place she had called home.

After hours of crawling through the leaf litter, her arms scratched and bloodied, her throat scorched, she arrived at a stream. The fire still had a way to go before it burned itself out, but the wind had dropped. Not caring if she lived or died, she passed out on the bank.

Unknown hours later, she had come to. The small of charred wood was strong, though the air was suprisingly clear. Feeling damp, Leah realised she had missed the rain that had doused the fire. Weak, it took her nearly a full day to reach the village. The devestation was total. She stayed long enough to bury the living. In her weakened state, it took a long time. When the job was eventually done, she allowed herself a day of rest before setting out to find a place where she could recouperate, and greave. Leaving the forest, she didn't look back.]

The evening of her 24th Birthday, Leah found herself outside The Arcane University. The calling of magic had led her this far, and now it faded as she walked up to the imposing doors. She left disappointed and angry. She could not be admitted until she had the required recommendations. Hadn't she been through enough already?!

Leah's old friends would not have recognised the lean, hard woman that stared across the Imperial City that night. Her heart had closed to love, it had needed to, to stop her losing everything to despair. The skills she had learnt mainly in jest, thieving and fighting she turned into deadly persuits. She had no money, no clothes. She killed for it. Over time, her need for blood died, and she could look on other people normally again, without malice, but her deadly skills were only just below the surface.

Needing to calm herself, she entered the nearest inn without looking at the name. Sat at a quiet table in the corner, nursing a glass of Tamika Wine. She resolved to get drunk. Very drunk. Three day later, Leah found herself in a grimy alley, with hardly a stich of clothing, and all her possessions gone. Her hangover prevented rational thinking, all she wanted was more drink, to drive away the memories. Stealing the first clothes she could find, she found the nearest tavern, only to realise she had no coin. Well, a woman could always make money if she needed to. Looking across the bar, she smiled seductivly at the Dunmer who caught her eye. This would be easy.

A few months later, Leah could hardly even remember her name. She lived for drink. Her days were spent sleeping off hangovers in the waterfront district, by night she plied her trade at the seedy inns. The money she earnt went straight to drink. In a rare sober moment, Leah knew she had to do something, but what? Her anger towards her parents, and grief over Drathyn fuelled her need for drink, but she knew she couldn't go on like this.

The choice was taken out of her hands a few weeks later. It was late, she was in a bar flirting with the latest travellers to grace the bar area when some Imperial Guardsmen who had been drinking at a table in the corner suddenly started sending jeering comments her way. Unflattering words for a promiscuous female among them. Giving the table a cold stare, Leah returned her attention back to the bar. Yet when one of the cocky imperials strolled up and gave her backside a liberal pinch, she reacted like a spitting cat, twisting and clawing at his face. The Guards curiosity at their table became piqued, seeing a comrade so taken down by a slender Dunmer. The guard she had accosted glared at her, but left her alone.

Feeling uneasy, Leah decided to call it her night, she had already made enough this past week anyway. Leaving the bar, she began to make her way back to a nearby abandoned shack she often used on nights like this. However, she was startled to hear the Guardsmen pour out of the bar behind her. Picking up her pace, she kept moving, somewhat unsteadily. Yet the Guards were out for fun. They quickly moved to catch up to her. Darting down an unfamiliar alley, Leah found herself trapped. With her cornered, the guards began to jeer and mock, making swipes at her clothing. With her back against the wall, Leah snarled and drew her iron dagger. The only weapon she had left. The nearest Imperial, raised an eyebrow then lunged at her suddenly. Reflexes snapping, but dulled by drink, her dagger caught him at the temple, drawing a ragged line of blood. Snarling in rage the Imperial closed and threw her to the floor. Spitting and squirming, Leah fought like a wildcat, though her dagger was quickly kicked from her hand. However, after another soldier lost a chunk of skin, the pommel of a dagger flew towards her, hitting her temple. Everything went black...

...Leah awoke to find herself in a cell. Her head pounding, Leah was only conscious long enough to notice her wounds had been bound before collapsing back onto her pallet.

The following weeks and months passed in a blur. Her wounds were not too serious. A few nicks and cuts, mainly bruises and swelling. The alcohol withdrawal was hell. When it eventually passed, Leah felt much better than she had in a long time. The enforced confinement helped her concentrate and think about her life.

Leah then began to question her imprisonment, she didn't know what charges she was being held on, and there was no one to ask. No one had come to change her bandages, and she had stripped off the wrappings herself. The guardsmen who pushed food and drink into her cell didn't even acknowledge her.

Despairing of ever getting out of her cell, Leah resolutely trained her levels of fitness as well as she could. She was determined to never be reliant on anyone, or anything, ever again. She schooled herself to patience.

Her patience was rewarded the day the emperor himself walked into her cell...