- Plot Synopsis - Major Characters - Important Items -

Set in Southern France, Sepulchre is a story of love and revenge.

Plot Synopsis:

October 1891: Leonie Vernier lives with her brother and mother in Paris. She has always loved the city, but after a riot at her local theatre Leonie feels unnerved and unsettled. Accepting an offer from an aunt she has never met, she and her brother go to live down in the Domaine de la Cade, south of the medieval city of Carcassonne. The Domaine is feared locally, as events gone past have remained to haunt the locals. Unperturbed, Leonie explores the sprawling grounds, coming across an abandoned Sepulchre.

October 2007: Travelling from America, supposedly to research her book into a local composer, Meredith Martin makes her way to Paris. However, when the trail of the composers life coincides with her own history, leading to the Domaine de la Cade hotel, Meredith's primary aim becomes forgotten. Caught up in the past, the burned out shell of an ancient Sepulchre becomes the scene of a climatic finale.

Major Characters:

Leonie Vernier

17 years old, with a love of the arts. Beautiful yet serious Leonie involves herself passionately in all that she does.

Anatole Vernier

Leonie's older brother is somewhat brash, but with a natural charm. Devoted to his sister, mother and lover.

Isolde Lascombe

Leonie and Anatole's mysterious art, who lives alone with the servants at the Domaine de la Cade following the death of her husband, Jules. Also beautiful, but delicate and somewhat frail.

Meredith Martin

Sensible, resolute, and determined to get to the bottom of the mystery of her past. When this gets caught up with the scheming of the present, Meredith does everything she can to solve it.

Important Items:

"Sepulchre" Sheet Music - A haunting piece of music found my leonie in the Sepulchre on her first venture inside. The music makes its way into the hands of Meredith Martin. It is one of only two family heirlooms that hold the key to her past.

Sepia Photograph - The second of the two family heirlooms that Meredith treasures. She doesn't know the name of the young man in the photograph, but when she finds the exact spot it was taken in Rennes les Bains, she knows she is getting closer.

Tarot Cards - A startling coincidence on a fortune telling flyer eventually causes Meredith to seek out the tarot reader. Highly skeptical, she can't help but admit that she has a strong affinity with the Marseille Tarot, one of the oldest tarot decks. Little does she know the importance one set of tarot cards will play in the near future, and how they affected the events of the past.