The Secret Texts

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The Secret Texts is a fast-paced fantasy adventure, comprising:

1. Diplomacy of Wolves (1998)
2. Vengeance of Dragons (1999)
3. Courage of Falcons (2000)

Plot Synopses:

Diplomacy of Wolves

Kait Galweigh, a daughter of one of the powerful Families in Calimekka, wants more than to be a Family decoration, dressed in silks and shown off. Given a position as a junior diplomat, Kait is determined not to fail in protecting her cousin Tippa from the advances of other men on the run up to her wedding night. An alliance with the Dokteerak Family would be key against the Sabir Family, sworn enemies of the Galweighs.

When Kait uncovers a conspiracy, she does everything she can to save her family from the Sabirs. But it is not enough. In despair, Kait follows the voice of a long dead ancestor in her head, in search of the Mirror of Souls, a powerful ancient artifact with the power to bring back her Family.

Vengeance of Dragons

Left stranded by the crew of the Peregrine, Kait must return to Calimekka with the Mirror of Souls. Forced to travel with Ry Sabir, the sworn enemy of her Family, Kait feels torn between duty to her slaughtered family, murdered by the Sabir's, and the love she feels for Ry.

Betrayed by the Mirror, Kait, Ry and their companions are forced into hiding, while the Mirror is recovered by Crispin Sabir, Ry's cousin. Crispin thinks the Mirror will make him a god, but following it's activation, the souls of the Dragons, powerful wizards, re-enter the world for the first time in a thousand years.

Courage of Falcons

Kait and Ry, after working their way into the Dragons stronghold, manage to steal the Mirror of Souls. With the memories of Dafril, the Dragon's leader in her head, Kait is able to reverse the magic, ejecting the dragons from the bodies they have stolen.

But the danger is not over. Luercas, one of the most powerful Dragons, has managed to become the rightful owner of the body he now possess, and marches on Calimekka with an army of the Scarred, with the intent to make himself a god.

To defeat him, Kait and Ry must face extinction. Not just in this life, but forever.


Galweigh and Sabir Families

The two main factions in Calimekka, they are constantly trying to get the upper hand. On the surface this is nothing out of the ordinary, but in the bowels of both houses, the Wolves practice deadly, offensive magic. The rebound from the spells creates rewah, which Scars its victims. if their Scars manifest on the surface, they can never be seen again by the general populace. Magic is believed to be an extinct practice, and the Scarred are not allowed within Iberia.

The Falcons

Falcon magic is a force for good. It's users only offer what is theirs to give, whether than it their blood, or their soul. This magic is undetectable by the Wolves, and doesn't create rewah.

The Falcons await the Reborn, Solander, who will bring love and harmony to the world.

The Dragons

The Dragons are powerful wizards, and their magic is the most powerful, as it draws on the souls of thousands to feed it. The souls do not just cross the veil to be reborn, but are extinguished forever.

The Dragons want to make themselves immortal, and intend to use the souls of Calimekka to get it.

The Scarred

Forbidden from setting foot on Iberia, the Scarred are banished from civilisation, and generally forgotten by the humans. But the Scarred resent them. Their Scars are the result of the wizards war a 1000 years ago, where the rewah altered the bodies into a multitude of different forms: Scaled, furred, tailed and clawed, and they have not forgotten. Most live in small colonies in areas rejected by humans, but some are found working on ships, where the Captains word is law, and thus they are permitted to live.


Kait Galweigh

The heroine of the trilogy, Kait is beautiful, talented and strong-willed. However, while Kait loves her Family, she holds a secret that would cause even them to turn against her, and murder her in Punishment Square. Kait is Scarred, able to skin-shift at will and become Karnee, wolf-like powerful beast.

Ry Sabir

Like Kait he is Karnee, but though it must be kept secret from the people of Calimekka, and Iberia, it is embraced by the Sabir Family, who believe they long ago killed all of the Galweigh Karnee. Ry saves Kait's life when she is attacked on her way home, and although they have only met in Karnee form, he knows they were meant together.

When Kait leaves Calimekka to hunt for the Mirror of Souls, Ry leaves everything behind to find her. Declared barzanne by his mother, Ry can never go back.

Ian Draclas

The captain of the Peregrine, Ian takes Kait towards the Mirror, and falls in love with her. When they are left stranded, they need Ry's ship to take them home, but Ry is Ian's brother, and there is bitter blood between them.

Dughall Galweigh

A senior diplomat of Galweigh House, Dughall has also been declared a God on the Imumbarra Isles for his fertility. But Dughall is also a Falcon, and longs to see the Solander reborn into the world. Dughall is very fond of his niece, and it was his recommendation that got Kait the training she needed to become a diplomat.

Crispin, Andrew and Anwyn Sabir

Called "The Unholy Trinity" by their own family, they are feared by all who know them. Crispin and Andrew, brothers, are both Karnee, while their cousin Anwyn is so Scarred he resembles a horned demon. They revel in the suffering of others, and use sacrifices to absorb the rewah of their magic.

The Trinity already dislike Ry. As the son of the Head Wolf, it was he that seemed likely to take over one day. But when Ry leaves all that behind to follow Kait, framing them for his "murder", they have even more reason to want him dead.

Danya Galweigh

Captured by the Sabirs, the lithe childlike Danya is offered back to her family for ransom. But it is all a charade, for Danya is to a sacrifice to fuel a potent spell by the Sabir Wolves to decimate the Galweigh Wolves. Forced to absorb the rewah, deadly backlash, Danya is transformed and Scarred. Projected far from Calimekka by the rewah, she is presumed dead. But Danya lives, and she will have her revenge - against the Family that failed to ransom her, and against the Sabirs, who raped and tortured her before using her as a sacrifice.

Reviewers notes:

1. Each of the two books end in cliffhanger situations, so reading of the series is not recommended unless you have all the books close to hand to prevent frustration.

2. A map is included in all books of the series, but is very cramped and small. The general outline of the continents can be made out, but the writing is generally too small to make out, in both paperback and hardback version. This is somewhat disappointing.

3. The book contains mature content and some passages may not be suitable for young children, though the descriptions are never explicitly graphic. This series is recommended for everyone over the age of 13.


Characteres - 10/10
Plot - 10/10
Credibility - 10/10
Setting - 10/10

Overall 40/40 10/10