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In this series of short stories, Jordan delves into the world created by Robert E. Howard revolving around a Barbarian from Cimmeria called Conan. Most of the localities are borrowed from Howard, as is the general appearance, temprement and personality of Conan himself. However, the indivudal stories and characters are unique to Jordan, with the exception of Conan, and a female warrier called Valeria, who is only mentioned in one book: Conan The Destroyer.

The series is comprised of 6 short stories:

1. Conan the Invincible (1982)
2. Conan the Defender (1982)
3. Conan the Unconquered (1983)
4. Conan the Triumphant (1983)
5. Conan the Magnificent (1984)
6. Conan the Destroyer (1984)

There is a seventh book, Conan the Victorious, but this is absent from the two compilations.

Official plot synopses:

Conan the Invincible: Less than nineteen years old and new to the snares and enticements of civilization, the young Conan must join forces with a dangerously seductive female bandit to storm the palace of Amanar, a supremely evil necromancer, and confront the dreaded Eater of Souls.

Conan the Defender: As revolution brews in the shadowy streets of Belverus, Conan braves the traps and treacheries of the Royal Palace of the Dragon. Pursued by the luscious and shameless Sularia, the mighty warrior challenges a magic-spawned menace that cannot die: the invincible Simulacrum of Albanus.

Conan the Unconquered: Conan defies the sorcerous power of the Cult of Doom for the sake of a beautiful young woman known only as Yasbet. From the glory of fabled Aghrapur to the demon-haunted wastes of the Blasted Lands, Conan proves himself the greatest hero of a bygone era of high adventure.

Conan the Magnificent: Amid the savage crags of the Kenzankian Mountains, Conan is stalked by the huntress Jondra. The legendary Cimmerian must battle hordes of mighty warriors, face the sorcerous evil of Basrakan Imalla, and, finally, slay that which cannot be slain: The Beast of Fire.

Conan the Triumphant: Conan and his Free-Company of mercenaries enter the service of Lady Synelle, unaware that she is, in secret, high priestess of Al'Kiir, the sharp-horned demon-god whose worship is almost forgotten in the kingdom.

Conan the Destroyer: In the fabled city of Shadizar, Princess Tamaris hires Conan to recover the magical gem known as the Heart of Ahriman. The Cimmerian warrier must vanquish the princess's murderous henchmen and face the sinister Guardians of the Horn, only to confront the ancient power of the foul demon-god Dagoth.

Recurring Characters:

Conan: A "barbarian" from the northern frozen mountains of Cimmeria he becomes entwined in various plots and adventures. Though the people he comes across on his travels look down on him for being a barbarian, he is portrayed as being more civilised than they, particularly in terms of honour. While Conan is primarily a warrior, and oft times savage, he also has a sharp wit and much intelligence, though he would be the first to admit that he has a weakness for gold and beautiful women. Conan applies his skills in various ways, hiring himself out as a bodyguard, mercenary, and thief.

Karela: A beautiful red-haired jade, Karela commands a troupe of bandits, and is a much wanted criminal in Zamora, where she is known as the Red Hawk. Fiercly independant and skilled with a blade, she appears alongside Conan in three of the books in the chronicles.

Hordo: One of Karela's "hounds" Hordo initially distrusts Conan, and almost has him killed. However, they reconcile their differences and become great comrades with mutual respect for the other.

Abuletes: A tavern owner in Shadizar. He is a grudging aquaintance of Conan, oft providing him with information or goods, for a price.

Presentation of Women:

Woman are generally presented as weak. With a scant few exceptions (such as Karela), they cannot defend themselves, and are reliant on Conan to save them. Alternativly, they are describes as whores, always with heaving, rounded breasts, and barely any clothing that does little to hide their ample assets, if they wear any clothes at all. All the woman that are fience, and indepent inevitably fall for Conan and in doing so lose their hard reason that was often in evidence before. Emotion clouds their thoughts, their judgement becomes impaired, and they go weak at the knees when Conan is in the vicinity. Incidentally, Conan is presented as a great lover, though he does not commit, which often is a cause for jealousy amoung the various women that he beds.


1. In Conan the Magnificent, Conan shies away from a contest with a bow, as his thoughts show that he knows pretty much nothing about the skill with the exception of holding it. However, in Conan the Defender (a preceeding story), Conan teaches his free company the skill of horse archery.