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18th March 2010

I finally have a new blog!

For a while now I've been thinking I want to have a blog that is more relevent, perhaps with film/game reviews (as well as general musings of course) and I've finally set one up!

Of course there isn't a lot of content right now...but soon...soon!

Visit it here: http://blog.esmerelde.co.uk

12th January 2010 - Happy Belated New Year!

I've been playing with the layout of the Oblivion section for some time, but only finalised it up recently, so the organisation has changed a bit over there. Still needs more content and tidying, but it's getting there!

5th October 2009

New wallpapers added to Oblivion Screenshots page:

Drunk Goblin Ayleid Door

Unofficial mods page updated in PRACTICAL category:

Mod details and links added.

7th September 2009

'About Me' page updated:


5th April 2009

New chapter added to fanfiction:

Backstory - I

This is an addition to the backstory filling in some of the large gap I previously left. It has been inserted after the first section of the backstory (after the stars). The remained of the previous backstory I has been moved to its own chapter (Backstory - II). Sorry for any confusion!

The story continues.


19th March 2009

New wallpapers added to Oblivion Screenshots page.

Dusk Village Life Troll Water Ripples

11th March 2009

New chapters added to fanfiction:

Chapter 2: An unremarkable reappearance

This was actually availble from the 12th of February, I forgot to update this page.

Chapter 3: A question of money

The story continues.


20th February 2009

Oblivion Unofficial Mods Pages:

These pages are going through a complete redesign. This work is currently under construction though the pages will still be accessible as 'work in progress', mainly because I want them uploaded so I can work on them from various computers!

Hopefully the new pages will be more accessible, and because they are now spread over various pages, there should be quicker loading times, as well as being able to find the particular review you want.

9th February 2009

New chapter added to fanfiction:


This adds some a backstory to my character, detailing some events that occured before the story in The Elderscrolls IV: Oblivion starts.

28th January 2009

New page added:

Jael - One life in Cyrodiil

This is my first fanfiction, and is based on one of my Oblivion Characters.


12th January 2009

New wallpapers added:

Sewer Exit Pink Waters Pink Skies

8th December 2008

New page added

- Review index page allows for easy browsing of written reviews, rather than navigating the author index page.

Review Index

6th December 2008

New wallpapers added

- KOTN related
- wallpapers including my playable character, Leah

New entries added to Leah's Oblivion Journal

- page 1 has been refined
- page 2 now added.

13th October 2008

New news feed:

This is a way for me to let you all know any news related to the website, including any updates, changes, or any new reviews etc.

Although this is new today, I've added previous update changes and reviews etc (just incase you were wondering about it!)

New home pages goes live!

In order to try and make my site look a little more professional I've designed this new front page. As well as being easier to navigate (hopefully!) it also has a theme that is more in-keeping with the rest of the site.

September 2008

Oblivion Pages added:

These are my oblivion fan pages, and include:

1. General information about the game
2. Mod info and reviews (both official DLC and unofficial mods)
3. Screenshots
4. Info about my character (Leah)
5. Leah's picture diary

1st July 2008

Latest reviews:

Tom Arden - The Orokon Series
Holly Lisle - The Secret Texts
Kate Mosse - Sepulchre
Julia Gray - The Guardian Cycle

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